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2018 / 2019 Releases  ·  Instrumentals

 My Heart · 4:05

Piano-led ballad. Key: Eb. 110 BPM.


 Tumble · 5:34

Contemporary jazz tune (demo). Key: G. 90 BPM.


 Flow · 4:33

Pop-jazz tune in C minor. 90 BPM.


 Riptide · 5:23

Uptempo pop-jazz. Composed May 2018, remixed April 2019 to v14.3. Key: F Major. 94 BPM.


Charles Moore, Principal Partner
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II.   In Progress / Seeds


 My Beautiful Girl · 6:05

Orchestral jazz. Key: D Major. 66 BPM. [v6.7]


 Funk #51 · 3:05

Short proof-of-concept. A mid-2018 exploration.


  Uptempo Orphan Chorus · 1:40

Repetitive chorus scheduled for rework.


 Dark Action-Adventure Movie Theme · 3:14

Fun feadbanger. Scheduled for remix.


 Tim's Dream · 4:48

Slow, dreamy jazz ballad.

 New Orleans Stomp · 0:47

Simple bass line with sax melody. 86 BPM.


 Hypno-Funk 1.0 · 2:01

Simple repetitive groove in G. 104 BPM.